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About the Program:
SoundScience Fun! is an interactive sing along performance designed to explore the science of sound through the magic of music. Together we sing about strings, have a percussion discussion ride a sound wave and have fun!

The performance invites audience participation in multiple ways: audience members are invited to sing along to songs including "I'm a Body Symphony," "Wonderful Things About Strings" and "No Matter How you Twist it, It's Still a Horn". Audience members participate through demos, question and answer, sing-alongs and "move-alongs" that help demonstrate the science of sound.

Saturday, April 20, 2018 at 10am-1pm (several shows)
See SoundScience Fun! live at the Cambridge Public Library as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.
Chris & Meredith return to Cambridge Science Festival program with their interactive, informative and fun program SoundScience Fun! program. Are you curious about sound and music? We welcome all ages to learn, sing, move and explore the science of sound in this lively, interactive performance. Through demonstrations and songs, we will cook up a recipe for sound, ride a sound wave, hum about drums, sing about strings, and have fun!

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Topics Covered Include:

  • What Do We Need to Make Sound?
  • How Does the Voice Work?
  • How Does Sound Travel?
  • What Makes Different Kinds of Sounds?
  • How Do Different Types of Instruments Work?
  • Bring SoundScience Fun! to your school, library or venue:
    Contact Chris Thompson at this email. We can provide a amplification if needed. Chris can perform SoundScience Fun! solo as well.


  • Download a PDF infosheet about SoundScience Fun!.
  • Watch a video describing the 2008 performance by Eva Zadeh here: Science Metropolis Video.
  • Venues:
    We have performed SoundScience Fun! at schools, libraries, science museums, outdoor concert series and music venues throughout the United States. Notable venues include the MIT Museum, the Cambridge Science Festival, Club Passim's Culture for Kids Program and the Carnegie Science Museum. The program is very well received by children and adults alike.

    SoundScience was featured on PBS's Curious George as an interstitial in 2005, and was part of the Cambridge Science Festival in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

    About the Program Developers/Presenters:
    Performance Background:

    Chris & Meredith Thompson are "powerful performers with a natural warmth for the live concert stage" writes Tom Lounges in the Beat. Best known for the unique blend of their nearly identical voices, the Thompsons weave vocals, flute, guitar and percussion together creating a sound that is genuine, beautiful, and moving.

    Chris & Meredith Thompson have performed at festivals such as the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Boston Folk Festival, and the Clearwater Hudson Revival. They have released 7CDs and performed across the U.S.

    Education Background:
    Meredith Thompson, EdD, majored in Chemistry and Education at Cornell University, and graduated with with her Doctorate in Education from Boston University in May 2014. Her work beyond music involves improving science education and evaluation. Read an article about work from an outreach grant she wrote at Tufts. Previously she has worked as the Research coordinator at the Boston Museum of Science, with the Tufts Engineering Initiative, and as the Women in Science and Engineering program coordinator at StonyBrook University.

    Christina Thompson Lively, MEd, achieved her bachelor of science at Cornell University, and her Master of Education at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She manages a program in Global Health at the Harvard Medical School School. She has volunteered in science classrooms at 5 different schools in the Boston area.

    SoundScience Fun! the album
    Take the songs home with you!

  • I'm a Body Symphony
  • You've Got to Make a Vibration
  • Wonderful Things About Strings
  • No Matter How you Twist it, It's Still a Horn
  • To order, contact Chris at this email.